2003 BMW Z4

Here at Florida Vehicle Wraps we have a special place in our hearts for color change wraps. Seeing an owner pick up a brand new car and fall in love with it all over is amazing. This BMW Z4 was brought to us with a couple different color options in mind, from leaving the original color and doing just satin black on the top half, to just wrapping the whole thing one color. After a little indecisiveness the customer ultimately chose 3M Liquid Copper and Avery Satin Black to wrap his Z4 and tinted the windows with Solar FX Carbon FX window film. Also while the Z4 was in the shop we were able to have our friend Craig with EZ Bright lights come by and restore the headlights, saving the customer over $700 on new headlights he was about to purchase. In the end the design and colors chosen with the owner make this a real one of a kind Z4!

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