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2010 Mercedes E350

Around this Time Mercedes had an issue with interior trim panels fading and after getting them replaced by Mercedes 3 times the owner of this E350 had enough. We Printed a wood grain pattern that was close to the original color of the interior trim and wrapped all the pieces. This was a fun project because we always remove all interior pieces before wrapping them to ensure there is no damage to the rest of the interior during installation. Also we tinted the windows in Solar FX Carbon FX Lifetime Warranted window film to protect the interior from further damage from the Florida sun.

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2019 Chevrolet Corvette

Not everything we do here are full wraps, sometimes customers just want an addition to an already beautiful vehicle and this Corvette is no exception. The factory orange on this Corvette was beautiful in person and the customer just wanted us to install a stripe package he had purchased online to accent the factory hood decal. After mocking up the stripes the owner decided he wanted them to be shaped a little different so with a little knifeless tape we were able to modify the pre cut stripes to a size the owner liked more.

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Space Coast Roofing

Space Coast Roofing is another roofing company on the rise here in melbourne and building their fleet. It was awesome working with the owners of this family operated business on a design for their new work van. They came to us with a logo and a color scheme they would like to stick with, and after our first consultation we were able to design a wrap that fit their brands image.

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2003 BMW Z4

Here at Florida Vehicle Wraps we have a special place in our hearts for color change wraps. Seeing an owner pick up a brand new car and fall in love with it all over is amazing. This BMW Z4 was brought to us with a couple different color options in mind, from leaving the original color and doing just satin black on the top half, to just wrapping the whole thing one color. After a little indecisiveness the customer ultimately chose 3M Liquid Copper and Avery Satin Black to wrap his Z4 and tinted the windows with Solar FX Carbon FX window film. Also while the Z4 was in the shop we were able to have our friend Craig with EZ Bright lights come by and restore the headlights, saving the customer over $700 on new headlights he was about to purchase. In the end the design and colors chosen with the owner make this a real one of a kind Z4!

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Rock The Casbah Charity Event

This was a great project we are grateful we were able to donate our services to a great cause. Rock The Casbah is a charity event held every year at Matts Casbah in downtown Melbourne FL. This event is put together by Club Esteem, a non profit organization that provides after school services to underprivileged youth. Our contribution to the event was to wrap their entrance to the event and provide the sponsor signage. This is one event we look forward to being a part of next year and for years to come because of the great things the organizers and Club Esteem do for the community.

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Florida Breeze

Florida Breeze has had some bad luck with getting their vehicles lettered in the past. From the original shop they were getting their vehicles lettered at closing their doors, to other shops keeping the vehicle for extended periods of time, they were in desperate need of a professional to take care of their vehicle branding. Florida Vehicle Wraps understands the importance of commercial vehicles getting back on the road ASAP and our work with Florida Breeze attests to that. Florida Breeze takes advantage of our weekend installation service and the first group of vehicles that we had the pleasure of lettering for them were 2 vans and a truck which were dropped off on a Friday evening and picked up ready for work on Monday morning.