2010 Mercedes E350

Around this Time Mercedes had an issue with interior trim panels fading and after getting them replaced by Mercedes 3 times the owner of this E350 had enough. We Printed a wood grain pattern that was close to the original color of the interior trim and wrapped all the pieces. This was a fun project because we always remove all interior pieces before wrapping them to ensure there is no damage to the rest of the interior during installation. Also we tinted the windows in Solar FX Carbon FX Lifetime Warranted window film to protect the interior from further damage from the Florida sun.

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Space Coast Roofing

Space Coast Roofing is another roofing company on the rise here in melbourne and building their fleet. It was awesome working with the owners of this family operated business on a design for their new work van. They came to us with a logo and a color scheme they would like to stick with, and after our first consultation we were able to design a wrap that fit their brands image.

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