partial wrap

2019 Chevrolet Corvette

Not everything we do here are full wraps, sometimes customers just want an addition to an already beautiful vehicle and this Corvette is no exception. The factory orange on this Corvette was beautiful in person and the customer just wanted us to install a stripe package he had purchased online to accent the factory hood decal. After mocking up the stripes the owner decided he wanted them to be shaped a little different so with a little knifeless tape we were able to modify the pre cut stripes to a size the owner liked more.

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Hi and Dri Roofing

Hi and Dri Roofing was one of the first companies we had the pleasure of working with since opening our doors July 1st 2018. The owner had a great simple design in mind he wanted for his company and we were able to bring his image to life with his partial wrap. This is a great example of how simple designs can provide great impact on a vehicle wrap while not breaking the bank for a small company.

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